Clever ​Cr​eek Miniatur​es

"Because N scale logs don't haul themselves"

3D model miniatures of logging, agricultural and  industrial equipment 

in N Scale (1:160) and a select number in HO Scale (1:87.5)

We are currently on summer break. You can by all means contact us, but we will be taking a break from producing models during the summer.  We are working on a number of projects and will return in the fall (October) to continue building models!

Military Vehicles

We have obtained permission to produce models using the Bergman Project files in multiple scales for railroad or tabletop wargaming needs of modelers.  We will be making a price list of available models over the summer and hopefully have these available on line this fall.  We are hoping to be able to offer 1:285th, 1:160 (N), 1:100, 1:87th scales.

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