Clever ​Cr​eek Miniatur​es

"Because N scale logs don't haul themselves"

3D model miniatures of logging and industrial equipment in N Scale (1:160)


Please note that we will be gone for the summer. If you would like to email us please do, but we will not be producing any models until this fall. Thanks for looking and we look forward to seeing you in Fall of 2022.

About Us

Clever Creek Miniatures specializes in designing and 3D printing N Scale logging and industrial equipment. Our philosophy on creating our models is to make them recognizable for what they represent, well enough for our model railroads. The models are not always 100% prototypical but utilize identifying features to make them identifiable as the make and model of vehicle they represent.

Most of the equipment we design, and build is inspired directly from the logging operations on Vancouver Island, British Columbia from the 1970s and 1980s with a little modern and older models thrown in. A lot of equipment used for logging has extremely long-life spans and examples of old trucks and equipment can be as much as 40 years old and still working in the woods.

All our projects continue to be works in progress, and we continually tweak the designs, adding details or making modifications as we learn more about the prototype equipment. Most of our equipment is printed in a single piece so they cannot be re positioned. However, a couple of the items are printed in multiple pieces and require some assembly, but this has been kept to a minimum.

If you have any questions about the models we have or are interested in something that you don’t see in this catalogue you should feel free to contact us.

Our models are printed on an Elegoo Mars resin printer. The models come unpainted and removed from their supports. The models do require some clean up prior to painting. 









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